Oasix is a brand and business consulting company that designs and realizes business strategies by presenting solutions for the 5 business pillars (marketing, sales, operations, finance and human resources) combined with branding, product/service concepts, IT systems, recruitment and training to create a solid team to support the business so that it can run healthily and independently. With us, you do business with art.

We help and guide you to
achieve these 4 goals:

1. Establish a company from zero to fully operational
2. Solve problems within the company
3. Developing company
4. Explore and setup a strong identity

We help and guide you to
achieve these 4 goals:

  1. Establish a company from zero to fully operational
  2. Solve problems within the company
  3. Developing company
  4. Explore and setup a strong identity

“Good sales come from strengths and uniqueness that fit right into the market and
maintained with healthy operations.”

3 Business Stages that Require
Consultation & Strategy

A startup company

that is focusing
on development

A medium growing company

that is going for expansion
and development

An established company

that is going for development
to launch a new product/division

8 Ways We Take to Grow
Your Business

Create detailed & measured strategies in
few areas of business

Provide strategic paths to achieve goal effectively

Analyze problems with data statistics & provide
creative solution options

Automate things to achieve cost efficiency

Give different perspectives & advices for best
decision making

Enhance your product/service to win the market

Make your brand standout, put soul into it &
achieve brand consistency across all media

Bridging needs with multiple resources & vendors

10 Instruments We Build
to Achieve Your Goals

Initiate new business or division or product/service

Set unique yet powerful concept for business & product

Develop existing product & user experience

Make detailed plans for the whole system in business

Set up a reliable & effective operational system

Design an integrated strategy for marketing & sales

Set up a brand & media for a better marketing communication

Give direction on digital advertising

Develop a suitable HR recruitment system

Set up pricing system & establish basic finance structure

Take Closer to 4 Packages
that will bring
your business
to the next level




brand strategy
& identity


Business Planner aims to make a systematic and deep business plan to determine where the company
will be directed in the next 5-10 years with the right strategy designed for the 5 business pillars.

Core Business Analysis

Product & Service


Operational & HR

Marketing & Sales


Business Execution has various goals: to realize the business plan that has been made both in the initial company setup stage and in the company development stage, or to solve existing problems in the business to upgrade and strengthen the 5 business pillars, or a combination of these two goals.

& Research

& Planning


& Reviews

Business Coaching

Business Coaching is a package for businesses that are in the early stages with limited capital in order to run their business with the right and effective strategy with step-by-step guidance methods with the framework used in Business Planner and Business Execution without using resources from consultants, but rather entirely from the business owner.


Brand Strategy & Identity is needed to explore, find and determine the soul of a business that can be applied to products/services, marketing activities, relationships with consumers, company internal culture and so on because brands are closely related to communication strategies.

Brand Substance

Brand Persona

Brand Identity System

Positioning Strategy

Communication Strategy

Brand Presence

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founder & consultant

Vincent Gunawan, a certified brand and business consultant with more than 10 years of experience and also a Founder & CEO at a technology startup company who dedicates his life to build a better marketplace for improving people's lives. With his expertise in building and simplifying complex systems, solving problems creatively, exploring potential and discovering the uniqueness and strengths of resources, he has successfully helped dozens of companies from various industrial sectors classified as small to medium businesses that manage assets worth billions to define their authentic brand identity, as well as refine and setup elements in the 5 business pillars for a sustainable business life.

“Every company needs strategists and executors who work well together
to be able to grow the business properly and effectively.” - Oasix


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