Unlock the full potential
of your business!

Oasix is a business consulting company that
provides one stop business services from A to F for
5 business pillars.

We design, plan, and execute business strategies by presenting solutions for the 5 business pillars: marketing, sales, operational, finance, and human resources to create a solid team to support the business so that it can run healthily and independently. In Oasix, we do business with science and art.

6 Oasix Elements to
Support Your Business

We guide and assist you
to achieve
these 4
business goals.

Establish & develop 5 business pillars to build a sustainable business.

Establish & assist a brand new company from planning to running.

Solve problems accurately & effectively to reach business goals.

Market-fit & top of mind brand (product and service).

The Advantages of Having
A Consultant.


Simply the best and faster solution that will work.

We offer our experience of more than 10 years in various aspects of business in order to provide solutions that are not only accurate but also effective to implement. We understand that business owners are very busy and you don't have to be experts in every business aspect. Therefore we are here to complement and sharpen your business from various aspects such as leadership, management, innovation, knowledge, and many more.


Cover blind spots.

Business has so many elements, pillars, and involves a lot of knowledge. Having a professional advisor who understands all matters regarding the business will be able to provide advice with a more comprehensive, complete, and in-depth perspective to cover blind spots that occur in your business.


Not only surviving, but also growing and thriving.

Business always needs 2 roles to be able to grow well: planner & executor. The planner type has a lot of ideas but often has difficulty in realizing them. And the executor type is fast in taking action but doesn't have a good and mature plan so that they are often stuck only in survival mode and don't know where and how to level up. Oasix can be your partner to discuss making great plans and execute the planning simultaneously. Even if you can't design and realize your planning, Oasix will be the architect, builder and executor of your business until it runs well.

Why Oasix?

One integrated partner means
efficiency and effectiveness

The more vendors involved and changing from time to time, the slower the company moves. They have to learn briefs many times, study and analyze the company over and over again on a micro basis in the specific area they handle. Meanwhile, Oasix provides everything the company needs from a scientific and artistic perspective. We study companies in depth from all sides with 5 business pillars as the framework, so we can provide complete and in-depth planning, improvement and solutions for all sides of your business. With Oasix, you will save a lot of time, money and energy with comprehensive solutions.

Become more agile and grow faster

Nowadays, companies must be able to move more agile to be able to keep up with business competition and market behavior that are moving and changing so fast. Oasix implements technology into management, communications, production, sales and many others to enable your business to achieve effectiveness and efficiency. On the human resources side, Oasix can also enable your company to operate without the need to build/recruit more internal teams which will increase business fixed costs. With these your company can grow faster in a smart way.

Reasonable investment with
definite return

Every company must invest for its future. One of the best investments is to have a consultant as well as a professional adviser who can also be the planner and executor of your business. We fully understand that investment costs must be reasonable for 3 indicators in your business: capital, cash flow and profits. Different indicator values, different stages of business, different problems and that means different solutions that should be provided. Oasix can customize the portion of the solution that makes sense to do at the current stage of your business and that's what makes the cost of investing in Oasix reasonable.

Worry-less business initiation & running

We study, analyze, and gather data to initiate and run a business. But that ain't enough without intuition and strong sense to be aware of things unpredictable like social, politics, and economics. Oasix executes ideas based on data and reasonable intuition.

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About The Founder

Vincent Gunawan, a certified brand and business consultant with more than 10 years of experience and also a Founder & CEO at a technology startup company who dedicates his life to build a better marketplace for improving people's lives. With his expertise in building and simplifying complex systems, solving problems creatively, exploring potential and discovering the uniqueness and strengths of resources, he has successfully helped dozens of companies from various industrial sectors classified as small to medium businesses that manage assets worth billions to define their authentic brand identity, as well as refine and setup elements in the 5 business pillars for a sustainable business life.

“Every company needs strategists and executors who work well together
to be able to grow the business properly and effectively.” - Oasix


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