We believe that successful branding is a soul, culture and identity that can be implemented into a business system so that it can be perceived well by all internal staff as well as the audience/market. And a successful business is a business that has uniqueness, strength and makes it a strong identity. We combine brand and business into one stop integrated and inseparable business solution to be able to impact not only in the short term but also in the long term.

To light the way and lead people in the marketplace to find their "oasis”, so we can bring the world to life together.

We have experience in different types of companies and see that they all have the same thing, and only differ in the details that can be studied, so the type of company is not a limitation for us. We always start by observing and studying your products/services, operations, organization and even your competitors in the market in depth. We also usually enter various stages of a company from the pre-creation stage, the initial stage, and until the development stage.

There will always be ways and solutions that we can provide as long as you have courage and passion to grow up and go through the process. Even when you have limited funds, we provide a business coaching program so you can do it yourself, step by step. Your decision to walk together with us is an investment that will give you valuable intangible assets that will grow your company well.

We do the planning, consulting and we also have a great team to execute our plans in your company.

We observe, we learn, we analyze, we give solution and we also execute the solution until you see the result.

We believe great result comes from great process. As long as we master the process (observing, collecting, generating, analyzing, planning, executing), we are confident that the results will also be great.

First, we are a company that is officially registered in the government system and we have all the legals needed to run this business. Second, you can meet with us directly or virtually, have a discussion and you can get to know who Oasix is and value us from various aspects. Third, you can see the projects we have worked on, what problems they were facing and how we solve each problem. Fourth, we are have certification in business consulting and has experience in more than 10 years in the field we do.

Basically, we have a fairly wide range of services and firstly, we will explore your needs and recommend services that can answer the problems. We provide a customizable and bespoke services so they can fit perfectly to your needs and the size of your company. You can learn the complete modules we have in each of our packages by contacting us further at hello@oasix.co.id or by phone or Whatsapp to +6287822445507.

From our experience, we have found that both the internal team and business owners have a very busy schedule. This is where you need us to get the company run well, know the direction and arrive safely at its destination. In a vehicle there must be a steering wheel and also an engine to be able to go and deliver the passengers to the destination. For a company to go to its destination, it takes “petrol” and a “driver” who knows the right way. Many times we meet companies that are stuck in a "survival" mode whose focus is only on providing "gasoline" (sales), but without a clear direction. This vehicle (business) must have a purpose where it can serve a better purpose for greater impact. We believe business is a vehicle to help more people and solve various social and environmental problems.

“Every company needs strategists and executors who work well together
to be able to grow the business properly and effectively.” - Oasix


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